Use Geometric Terrariums That Will Light Up Your Room


Do you know what’s better than plants? Plants in a geometric-shaped terrarium. First of all, they’re aesthetically pleasing, and second of all, they look good while doing their job of providing oxygen to the air around us. If you want your home or office to have a little greener, check out these cool geometric designs!

Glass diamond terrariums

Brightening up your house with a glass diamond terrarium is a terrific idea. They are simple to maintain and clean because they are constructed of glass. Glass also allows you can view the plants within, making them a striking complement to any space.

You may discover a glass diamond terrarium that precisely matches your decorating style because they come in a variety of sizes and forms. The geometric terrarium is available for purchase online if you want something compact but nonetheless striking. Consider purchasing a big glass diamond terrarium if you have more money than time.

Glass diamonds are especially great for succulents and air plants because both types need lots of light and don’t require much maintenance (i.e., watering). Check out our list of other plants that thrive well indoors before making an order!

Pyramid Glass Terrariums

The pyramid glass terrarium is the perfect choice for small spaces, whether they’re on a desk or hanging from a shelf. They come in a variety of colors and can be used to grow plants in all sizes, so you can use them as tiny displays or larger ones that act as centerpieces. They’re also easy to care for: just add soil and water!

Wayfair offers several different styles of pyramid glass terrariums at great prices. We suggest using them as part of your home decorating scheme with other items from our selection, such as metal geometric sculptures and minimalist animal wall art. When you’re looking for something unique yet affordable that will make your home stand out from the crowd, these are definitely worth checking out!

Pentahedron Glass Terrarium

A pentahedron is a polyhedron with five faces. These geometric forms are perfect for showcasing plants in your house and may be constructed of glass or plastic. Glass terrariums are perfect for all kinds of plants since their form can be changed to allow for more or less light penetration. Additionally, the size of these geometric terrariums makes them ideal for shelf or desk displays.

Medium Glass Hexagon Terrariums

If you’re looking for a terrarium that will add light and color to your room, try a geometric glass hexagon terrarium. The clear round glass container comes in different sizes and shapes so you can choose which one suits the space best. If you are using succulents or cacti, these terrariums are ideal because they offer plenty of ventilation and small enough openings that won’t let in too much light. They also provide ample moisture while still being easy to clean and maintain. Your plants will thrive inside these beautiful containers as they give off an ambient glow that can be used as part of any home decor style!

Large Geometric Brass Planter

The Large Geometric Brass Planter strikes the ideal balance between being a stunning work of art and a useful planter. This solid brass geometric ornament will give any space in your house a significant dose of elegance.

It’s perfect for both indoor and outdoor décor because it can accommodate a small tree or another plant. If you’re searching for something special and practical this holiday season, we believe the Large Geometric Brass Planter would make a terrific choice! It’s one of those presents that people will remember you by!


Imagine a stunning geometric terrarium full with ferns, air plants, and succulents. Your home will get color from the combination of hues and textures, as well as a more intriguing appearance.

You may easily create your own geometric terrariums or buy them at nearby craft shops. Depending on what you want to use them for, you have a number of shapes and sizes to select from.

Succulents, air plants, ferns, cactus, and other tiny plants that require little maintenance or light thrive in these glass pots. I hope these ideas have motivated you if you’re seeking for some geometric terrariums that will brighten your space. They are very simple to construct and have several customization options.


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