Gas or Electric Power Washer?


Looking for a power washer but do not know which one to get gas or electric? We have got your back. Finding the right kind of power washer can be a really hard task to do because you are really not sure due to the many options that are available in the market. We are here to solve that problem of yours, to sort out the difficulty in your mind, and to make it a little easier for you.

The two different types of power washers out there are either ones that get their power from gas engines or from electric motors. Here is a breakdown of both types:

Gas Power Washer

A gas engine is at work that takes up gasoline and converts it into energy in this type of engine. Gas-powered washers usually provide more pressure per inch in comparison to electric ones.


  1. The gas engine inside a power washer has more pressure to put which means that it has a deeper cleaning ability.
  2. With a gas-powered power washer, you can also get a different range of pressure per inch PSI and gallons per minute GPM.
  3. The extra power also results in this device cleaning the surface is more quickly and more efficiently.


  1. Gas engines can be both big or small and they require a lot of maintenance.
  2. If you have a plan to along with the life of the machine, you will have to change the oil often.
  3. Gas engines are louder than electrically maintained ones.
  4. These also release emissions into the air.

Electric Power Washer

An electricity-backed power washer uses the power of electricity to carry out its processes with the help of a motor.


  1. There are no emissions with an electric-powered power washer.
  2. The electric-powered power washer is also relatively less loud.
  3. They are safer to use indoors in comparison to the gas engines because they do not have any emissions that would harm the breathing quality of you and your family.
  4. There is very little maintenance involved when it comes to maintaining an electric motor of your power washer because it does not need an oil change every few days.


  1. The electric power washer does not have the quality on strength of that of a gas power washer. It simply can not pull up that kind of strength.
  2. An electric power washer will always require an outlet for electricity and this is why they are known as portable as the gas ones are because they cannot be carried literally everywhere you go.


After looking at both the pros and cons of both types of power washers, it is apparent that independent of your need. If you are looking for a portable one you might need to go for a gas power washer because you cannot have an electric socket everywhere you go. If indoor usage is your top priority you might want to go for the electric one because it is generally safer to use on the inside of your house as compared to a gas one.

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